Privacy policy 

The following applies to the Bitcut service (the Service) delivered by Texuna Technologies Ltd. (Texunatech).


As the Bitcut service offered by Texunatech collects and stores information from its users, Texunatech understands the importance of privacy and information security. This Statement explains Texunatech’s policy towards the information submitted by users.

Please, read the Terms of Service carefully to better understand your rights and responsibilities as Bitcut service user.
Texunatech reserves the right to change this Statement without prior notice by publishing the new version of the Statement on the Bitcut service web-site

Types of information collected by the Bitcut service

Bitcut collects and stores following types of information:

1. Personal information submitted by users during the registration or by other means including, but not limited to: name, user name, password, e-mail, telephone number, address, credit card number and similar contact and billing information.
2. Database information uploaded by users into the Bitcut database and specified under their accounts.
3. Statistical information logged by the Bitcut service including, but not limited to: web site traffic volume, frequency of visits, type and time of transactions, type of browser and operating system, etc.

Texunatech’s policy towards collected information

Personal information is required to:
1. Provide the Bitcut service to users, organise and store their accounts and bill the users for delivered services;
2. Contact Bitcut users and notify of them of Bitcut events and other important information;
3. Some averaged and non-identifying information (such as regional distribution and similar statistics) may be used for analysis for continuous improvement of the Bitcut service.

Database information is the essential part of the Bitcut service and, unless submitted under demo account, will remain your property. Texunatech will continue making this information available to you as long as you remain Bitcut user with non-demo account (under both free and paid plans) and will strive (though not guarantee) to deliver it to you after your contract with Texunatech is terminated according to the Terms of Service.

Database information submitted under demo-accounts is treated as public and intended for demonstration and evaluation purposes. It is automatically eliminated from the Bitcut database on regular basis.

Statistical information is logged automatically:
1. To help diagnose technical problems, administer the site, and improve the quality and types of service delivered.
2. Non-personalised and aggregate statistical information derived from the actions of our visitors and customers may be analysed by Texuntech and delivered to third parties or published in order to demonstrate the value we deliver and to help Bitcut users better understand and get more value from the Service.

Under certain circumstances we may have to disclose the data to law enforcement authorities or other authorised third parties in compliance with applicable laws.

If at some point Texunatech sells all or a portion of its assets, or merges with another entity, user information is an asset that may be transferred or acquired by a third party. We will notify all affected users of any such transaction and, consistent with our privacy policy, users will have the opportunity to retrieve their user information and cease usage of the Bitcut service. After such a transaction, the third party that becomes the custodian of the user information would have the right to continue using the user information solely as set forth in this policy.

Other than set forth in this policy, Texunatech will not sell, rent, or share any user data with third parties in personally identifiable form for any purposes without your express permission.


Bitcut service may use cookies to assist in delivering the service and to provide a positive and personalised user experience. Cookies are files sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Third Party Sites

Bitcut web-site and service applications may contain links to third party sites on the Internet, including many that have different privacy and security policies and practices. Texunatech makes no representations or warranties about the policies and practices of sites that are linked to by the Bitcut web-site and applications. We urge you to consult the policies available on those sites to further understand your rights.


Texunatech implements and improves processes designed to protect all types of information submitted by the Service users.
Each registered user is assigned a unique user name and password which is required to access their user information. It is the user’s responsibility to protect and not disclose this information.

Teexunatech’s servers are located in secure server environments. Firewalls, encoding and other advanced security technologies are employed to prevent interference and unauthorised access to the data.

Upon termination of your contract with Texunatech in accordance with Terms and Conditions, Texunatech will erase all your information from the Bitcut database with commercially reasonable effort.

Compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Texunatech does not target its offerings toward, and does not knowingly collect any personal information from users under 13 years of age.