A longitudinal survey of SLT stats in nursery schools


This example demonstrates a fragment of the longitudinal survey conducted by one of the community health centres in Moscow District, Russia. The original survey focuses on speech and language therapy (SLT) performance in regional nursery schools and includes over 5000 records collected during last 8 years.


Formerly the data were recorded on paper sheets and stored in the health centre. With Bitcut they are available online for speech and language therapists, other practitioners and authorities along with instant reports and aggregation data.

The table includes records of SLTs visits to nursery schools (one record per visit) with number of children asessed by a therapist during the visit, number of those enrolled in SLT treatment group with various types of pathology and number of children released from the group after successful treatment.

Reports break down the dataset by different nursery schools and number of children assessed and released; as well as show pathology type statistics and totals.