UK Careers


The data was collected by the independent Office for National Statistics — ONS during its comprehensive Omnibus survey. It was initially published at Stats4Schools web site (http://www.stats4schools.gov.uk/large_datasets/careers/default.asp) along with other data records in order to allow pupils practice in handling and understanding statistical data.

We have taken this survey in career ambitions and reasons of UK citizens to demonstrate how Bitcut helps to share data and collaborate for its analysis.


On Stats4Schools, as well as at ONS web site there are heaps of statistical data available free for everyone. The UK Careers survey data is to be downloaded as MS Excel spreadsheet or comma-separated (CSV) files. Instead of downloading it to a PC, we suggest that everyone views and analyses this data online in Bitcut.

The table of decoded raw data was imported to Bitcut. The dataset includes around 2000 interviewed people (one row per person) with their answers in table cells. Click on links below to view the quick explanatory tour or enter Bitcut demo-account for UK Careers survey.