Bitcut is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use application for web-based data management. Bitcut can upload, store and process data tables, and can illustrate reports through its highly polished and professional looking graphs and charts. Bitcut enables data users to drill down from reports to the smallest granular level, and then export everything into a spreadsheet or PDF file. Bitcut has been designed for teams spread out over multiple locations, so a large group of people can work in real-time with the same data table, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Where Bitcut helps?

Bitcut is a tool that can be used to shape almost anything that can be put into a data table. Here are a few examples of ways in which Bitcut can be used:

Survey data

Instead of gathering data to paper forms or merging and validating them via Excel spreadsheets or specialized software, just save your data in Bitcut. Polls, longitudinal surveys, client satisfaction questionnaires, census — Bitcut is just perfect for all of them.

You can enter collected data in Bitcut directly or import them from Excel spreadsheets. This has an advantage of keeping your raw data in a single table always accessible for all authorized participants of the research project simultaneously.

Aside from simply storing survey data, Bitcut’s powerful reporting functions help in statistical analysis and visual representation of aggregated results. You can have all the category and factor totals and averages calculated, compared and charted with a pair of mouse clicks; and Bitcut will automatically adjust them as new raw data appear.

Featured examples:
A longitudinal survey of speech and language therapy stats in nursery schools
UK Career survey

Statistical analysis

With Bitcut you can process huge arrays of statistical data, assess trends and drill down to points of interest you discover. More than that, you can share your insight with your colleagues or mates, and even analyse together, in a collaborative way.

Just upload any data of interest to you: from weather fluctuations in your region to your company’s sales/expenditures and investigate it with Bitcut reports. You can easily pivot and cross-tab your data as you like with instant drilldown. And of course there are charts, graphs and diagrams to make the analysis more attractive and convincing.

Featured examples:
Pele’s scoring statistics

Business workflow

Did you know, that you can organize and track your business processes with Bitcut? Payments, accounting, assets, resources, client information — all of that can be put in a Bitcut table within five minutes; and you get a nice, simple and flexible workflow automation tool instead of useless paperwork, endless e-mail discussions and phone conversations.

Bitcut tables can be accessed and viewed by everyone in your organization, which is a big plus for distributed companies with several branches or offices.

Featured examples:
Development time tracking