This FAQ section contains issues that people usually ask us about Bitcut. If there are other questions that you’d like to ask, please submit them into the form on the right.

Q: Is it safe to store data online?

A: Texunatech, the designers of Bitcut, operate within the UK government’s set standards of data privacy and data protection. This means that no person, other than yourself and those to whom you grant permission, will be able to access your data records, tables, reports or any other form of content stored in your Bitcut account. All data is protected by your password and customised privacy settings. Texunatech do not access the servers that host Bitcut physically (these are managed in a high security data centre), and will not access or in anyway interfere with your data. The only activity that your data will be subjected to is a daily back up of the main Bitcut data store.

Texunatech is consistently working to strengthen its Internet connectivity with complex data encryption techniques. If you would like to know more about our security measures, please feel free to contact us.

Q: How do I get a Bitcut account?

A: Click on ‘Sign up’ link on the main page or in the menu above. You will have to enter your name, e-mail and choose an account name. After you click on ‘Create my Bitcut account’, a message with login details will be sent to your registration e-mail address.

Q: How do I invite other people to my account?

Q: How can I see data in someone else’s account?

A:In Bitcut, the user who creates an account automatically becomes Superuser, capable of inviting other people to collaborate in this account. To do it, click on ‘Manage account’ button on the dashboard. You will see a list of users currently registered in the account with the possibility to block them and invite new users.

After a user is invited, he receives a mail message with login details for an account he had been invited to.

Q: Do I have to regenerate a report every time I change the data in the table, or is it updated automatically?

A: Reports are always in their most up-to-date states, and do not need to be updated manually, unless new data is to be added. If previous report versions need to be accessed, than these can be accessed through Bitcuts easy to use archive and audit trail. All reports can be exported to PDF for the sake of further integrity.

Q: What other languages can Bitcut be accessed in?

A: At the moment there are plans for Russian and Portuguese. We are happy to consider other languages as well. Just let us know!