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Bitcut is a brand new data management tool. It was designed to help you analyse, report and share your data across the web. The rule of thumb is: if you can put something into a table , then Bitcut is the ideal tool for you. Information can be uploaded and stored in Bitcut’s data tables for a wide variety of purposes, and many extremely useful tasks can be performed — all of which you will discover when you give Bitcut a try.

Bitcut allows data tables to be opened, edited and reported on — from anywhere in the world. No longer will you have to worry about e-mailing new data for approval, tracking changes and/or keeping versions up-to-date. Thanks to Bitcut, you can simply concentrate on your data instead.

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For a demonstration, just log into Bitcut as one of our sample users and try using this application in demo-mode. You can do everything, just keep in mind that your data will be available for everyone who views the demo-account.

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